Paid Online Advertising

online advertising

Why you need it?

There’s no quicker way to drive relevant traffic to your website than paid online advertising. With even more targeting options available today even small budgets can produce great results and you can exactly target your markets. Results can be tracked down to each cent you spend providing a clear picture of your RoI.

Google AdWords is the most popular paid search platform used by search marketers, followed by Bing Ads, which also serves a significant portion of ads on Yahoo.Increasingly paid advertising in Facebook and Linked In is also gaining momentum.

How can we help?

Using advanced data insights and analysis, we actively manage paid search, paid social, affiliate, and display and retargeting to deliver the highest amount of conversions with the lowest possible cost per acquisition.

Display Ads or (CPM):
CPMs are billed at a flat rate per 1,000 “impressions”. An impression is a measure of the number of times an ad is displayed or has left an impressionon a user, regardless if it was actually clicked on or not. You’re not charged additionally for any clicks that the ad receives. CPMs are usually display ads (meaning that they are visual), but not always.

Pay per click (PPC) ads :
PPC (also known cost per click or “CPC”) are ads that are paid for only when someone actually clicks on them. This means that you don’t pay if nobody sees your ads, and even when they do see your ad, you don’t pay unless they actually click on it. These ads are usually shown in text form, possibly with a smaller image.
The price that you pay per click is determined by the marketplace value of the keyword or expression you’re interested in. This is calculated by your ads quality score and the competition for said keyword you want to target.

  • Campaign Management
  • Copy Development
  • Creating an effective landing page
  • Monitoring and Reporting